Carpet Tufting Gun

Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool

Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool

Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool   Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool
Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool. Tufting Gun 2 in 1 Cut Pile Loop Pile Rug Gun Machine Starter Kit Rug Tufting Kit Electric Tufting Gun Carpet Weaving Flocking Machine, 100-240V.

2 in 1 Cut Pile & Loop Pile? Manually switch between cut pile and loop pile.

You can replace cut pile scissors to loop pile blade in few. Tufting your own design rugs, also produce a variety of one-of-a-kind artworks. The tufting gun cut pile has good durability, which can help to make kinds of great artworks and practical carpet. You can easily DIY your own exquisite work.

Lt is the best choice for decorating your own space and sending friends. This rug machine gun can reach a speed of 10-40stitches / 5-40stitches(Upgrade Version) per second, a no-load speed of 9400r/min or 10000r/min(Upgrade Version), and an increase in work efficiency of 80-150times. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the adjustable speed cut pile tufting gun will help you to make your carpets quickly and easily. All the rug tufting machine are strictly tested and built-in over-voltage, over-current and short- circuit protection system. Make sure the switch has been turned on before pressing the button, and then you can use it with confidence. Version 2.0 (Pink/ Blue1 Color). Name: 2 in 1 Electric tufting gun.

Model: Cut pile, Loop pile. Speed range: 10-40 stitches/sec(adjustable). Pile high: 10-19mm/adjustable(Cut pile) 5-14 mm/adjustableLoop Pile. Output DC;24V small adapter.

Safe protection: Has over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. Version 3.0(Orange/ Yelloow/Light Blue/ Blue2 Color). Model: 2 in 1 Cut pile, Loop pile.

Speed range: 5-40 stitches/sec(adjustable). Pile high: 7-19mm/adjustable(Cut pile) 4-14 mm/adjustable(Loop Pile). We can uses a 2 in 1 tufting gun (usually used to make carpets) to make ornaments that can be hung on the wall. This process involves passing individual yarns through fabric sheets to form shapes and designs.

Sometimes also makes carpets and other decorations for display at home. 2 in 1 Tufting Gun, It is suitable for high-speed weaving and flexible movement. It is suitable for mobile station work and can weave many types of fancy.

Its production efficiency is Manual. 80-150 times of production, it is a new type of special equipment. It is easy to operate, easy to master, long life, less trouble, and easy to adjust. It is one of the advanced special equipment that the carpet industry is indispensable for modern production. The pile surface structure of the cut pile carpet is pile-like, the pile surface is fine, the touch is soft, the short pile carpet has good durability, is easy to walk, and has strong practicability. The loop pile carpet is neat and uniform, the surface hardness of the carpet is moderate and smooth, it is comfortable to walk, good abrasion resistance, easy to clean, suitable for laying in places with a lot of walking. Portable type, moveable & flexible.

Simple operation, Easy to master. Exquisite structure, Easy to be repaired.

The tufting gun initially defaults to automatic cut pile mode. The cut pile mode will make the carpet work more three-dimensional and rich in layers. Conversion of cut pile mode and loop pile mode. With our small internal wrench, you can easily remove the black screw on the top of the tufting gun. Remove the screws and scissors parts, you can start the loop pile mode.

More specific operation steps will be described in detail in the manual. After removing the screw parts, you will enter the loop pile mode. Loop pile mode makes the surface of the carpet fuller and smoother. Easy to switch between cut pile and loop pile.

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  1. Color: Blue 1
  2. Brand: TT
  3. Model: 2 in 1 Rug Tufting Gun

Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool   Electric Carpet Tufting Gun Rug Cut Pile 2 In 1 Weaving Flocking Machine Tool